About Me

Each new day that I wake up alive is another day that God has given me and I am eternally grateful for all the days and opportunities that I have had and that are yet to come. I am a mother to two beautiful, curious, imaginative young boys who fill my life with joy and frustration in equal amounts. Aside from mother (and all the occupations that go with that title), I consider myself a well-rounded jack of all trades (and master of some), although there is still much I would love to try my hand at. Since this is who I am, you may find me veering off in arbitrary directions. But that is me.

While studying towards my Zoology degree, we did a course in phytotherapy – the use of plants as medicine. This delves into the realm of traditional medicines, old wive’s tales, shamanism (also known as a sangoma in Africa) and other ancient remedies that have been discarded for the more scientific and processed drugs. I realised that science, while a useful tool, does not have ALL the answers. But, having a scientific background I still believe in the scientific method and evidence based studies. I took my interest in natural medicines along a more popular direction, studying Aromatherapy and Reflexology. By applying my studies in Zoology and Environmental Sciences to the field of Aromatherapy, along with some natural curiosity and a fair amount of good old fashioned (new fangled) cyber-sleuthing, I have found some very interesting information. Maybe you will find it interesting too.

While my interest lies in Science and Aromatherapy, I am not willing to eliminate God from my life. Aromatherapy has a lot of eastern philosophy mixed up with it and I aim to untangle that aspect and provide a Christian basis for aromatherapy. After all, God made all things: plants, their chemical composition, their physiological attributes, and He inspired the science of discovery of their uses and extraction.